MetaCX Events

Value: The New Design Priority

In a two part panel event, MetaCX will be gathering some of the best design minds in the business to explore the evolution of design and the prioritization of value.

Recording & Takeaways - Retention is the New Growth

MetaCX teamed up with Terminus to host a webinar dedicated to retention best practices and customer strategies. Listen to Waqas Hussain and Justin Keller explain the two major components of customer retention and how to implement them within your organization.

Recording & Takeaways – So You Want to Be a CRO?

MetaCX and Modern Sales Pros hosted a fantastic lineup of high-octane revenue leaders for a fly-on-the-wall discussion about the future of the revenue c-suite.

Recording – Spearheading A Future-State Customer Lifecycle Transformation

Now more than ever, B2B SaaS companies are striving to transform their customer lifecycle from disconnected silos to one “steel thread” digital experience that connects marketing, sales, customer success AND the customer to drive value for all.

Recording – Patterns & Trends in Sales Methodologies in B2B SaaS

Structured sales methodologies can have a profound impact on B2B revenue performance, but implementation can be a major change management exercise. MetaCX teamed up with Force Management and Revenue Collective to share research-based perspectives on where companies struggle and where they succeed.

Recording – Digital Masterclass: World-Class Handoffs

Brett Crossley, VP of Customer Success & Services at MetaCX, joined Modern Sales Pros to walk through world-class handoffs and discuss how businesses can improve this critical process.

The Customer Room On Demand

While the importance of customer relationships is lost on no one in business today, many companies still struggle to put the customer first because of hardwired habits and moribund processes. The Customer Room is an on demand event experience designed to provide inspiration for change for a community of business leaders who face a punctuated moment of fundamental change—economically, socially, and environmentally.

Recording & Takeaways – Enterprise Sales is Broken

Does this story sound familiar? Your SDR does a discovery call and hands the prospect off to an AE. The AE then asks the same questions as the SDR. At some point, the SE gets involved, asking the prospect to repeat his or her needs yet again.

The Customer Room Virtual Event

MetaCX is thrilled to announce our first-ever virtual event! If you’re responsible for sales, revenue operations, customer success, or all three—listen up! This is THE must-attend event for every B2B leader managing revenue or customers.

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