Recording – Five Steps for Transforming the B2B Customer Lifecycle

August 25, 2020 Written by Kolby Tallentire

Dave Duke, MetaCX Co-Founder and CCO, joined Sales Assembly to talk through the five steps for transforming your customer lifecycle to an outcomes-based approach. Below you will find a synopsis of the process as well as the full webinar recording.

The five steps for transforming the B2B customer lifecycle are as follows.

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Level 1: Collaboration

The first steps enroute to achieving measurable outcomes for customers is ensuring that the supplier and buyer are aligned around a shared definition of success. Every purchase begins with one or more outcomes in mind. Level 1 on the journey focuses on documenting and validating these target outcomes with the buyer as a foundational first step toward both closing a deal, and creating the conditions for a lasting and profitable partnership.

Level 2: Delivery

Too often, the goodwill and momentum created in the sales cycle doesn’t convert downstream into the implementation and onboarding phases because of a fumbled handoff. Level 2 of the journey focuses on coordinating this handoff to ensure all of the stakeholders are oriented to the same set of target outcomes, and organized to get the solution deployed, delivered to the customer, and getting them using it as efficiently as possible.

Level 3: Adoption

The obvious but sometimes overlooked reality is that your customers can’t get value from your product unless they use it–and use it in the right ways. Level 3 focuses on measuring adoption and understanding usage patterns to ensure your customers are taking advantage of the capabilities that help them unlock value.

Level 4: Impact

Enroute to demonstrating attributable ROI are various leading indicators that show positive impact in the right directions. Level 4 is where you start to start to measure impact for your customers by looking at the metrics that signal positive trends on the way to attributable ROI.

Level 5: Performance

Finally, Level 5 focuses on the attributable ROI that your customer cares about most. These are generally expressed as some combination of increased revenue, reduced costs, or mitigated risks. Since these are lagging indicators, measurement of these things often requires data from your customer–either directly from their systems or manually provided to complete the picture.

Five steps may seem like a lot, but true transformation takes time and it requires a stepwise evolution. Luckily, if you decide to take the plunge, you’ll find that you realize value with each step you take toward becoming an outcomes-based organization. You don’t have to wait to complete all five steps to see the impact of this approach.


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