Enterprise Sales is Broken

Recording: Enterprise Sales is Broken

Does this story sound familiar?

Your SDR does a discovery call and hands the prospect off to an AE. The AE then asks the same questions as the SDR. At some point, the SE gets involved, asking the prospect to repeat his or her needs yet again.

When that prospect finally buys, almost comically, another discovery call is scheduled with the post-sales team.

What’s wrong with this scenario? Why is the enterprise sales motion broken for so many organizations and what can you do to fix it?

Scott McCorkle, MetaCX CEO joined Modern Sales Pros to talk about the challenges many B2B sales leaders face when selling to enterprise accounts. Below you will find some key takeaways as well as the full webinar recording.


Sales is behind the digital curve.

Everyone talks about the “digital transformation”, but that movement has yet to be seen in enterprise sales. Sales teams use disjointed systems for deal management that rely on reps to document what’s happening manually, using inconsistent subtext. Until MetaCX, there wasn’t a way to capture the interaction between sales reps and their prospects in real-time.

Outcomes are the steel thread that traces through the customer relationship.

The problem in enterprise sales is two-fold—One, sales reps are not connecting with what prospects really value, outcomes. And two, when desired outcomes actually are discussed during the sales process, they are not passed on to implementation and customer success teams. Outcomes should be the true foundation and centerpiece of the entire sales strategy and the steel thread that traces through the customer relationship.

The customer experience is your differentiator.

One thing is for certain—B2B buyers have more options than ever before. In many cases, the customer experience is what persuades a prospect one way or another. One of the ways to stand out is through outcomes-based selling–by providing visible proof of your commitment to your buyer’s business goals. By centering the sales process around the goals and objectives of a potential buyer and giving them what they need to make an informed decision, you’ll create trust and move deals forward.

The post-sales handoff is broken.

The post-sales handoff is broken, mostly due to the fact that there is an assumption that “someone else” is taking care of the customer. Consequently, the customer is left waiting for the promised value to accrue while everybody else seems to have moved on. To create a seamless experience, the handoff should be visualized with clear documentation of stakeholders at each lifecycle stage and a well defined success plan.

Check out the full webinar recording below!