Patterns & Trends in Sales Methodologies

Recording: Patterns & Trends in Sales Methodologies

Structured sales methodologies can have a profound impact on B2B revenue performance, but implementation can be a major change management exercise.

MetaCX teamed up with Force Management and Revenue Collective to share research-based perspectives on where companies struggle and where they succeed as a way to shine a light on the path forward for B2B SaaS companies that are going through these transformations themselves.

Based on a survey of 400 SaaS revenue and customer leaders, the panelists discuss the relative performance of different methodologies, adoption, and usage by different functions and teams, and how these methodologies are implemented and operationalized.

Panel Topics

  • Challenges and pitfalls to be aware of in sales transformation initiatives
  • The role, impact, and best practices of value engineering teams
  • How to operationalize and scale a sales methodology

Interesting on reviewing the full research report? Download it here.