Value: The New Design Priority

There has been a transformative business shift over the past 18 months that has impacted every industry and discipline. Companies and the individuals within them are expecting more from their vendors and partners and have an almost singular focus on one receivable: value.

The creation and delivery of value can take on many different forms, but one of the most tangible falls in the category of design. Businesses everywhere are starting to ask themselves, “How are we delivering value to our customers through design?”

If you haven’t, now is the time.

During this two part panel, MetaCX will be gathering some of the best design minds in the business to explore the evolution of design and the prioritization of value.


July 13th, 1:00pm EST


Anand Tharanathan, CPO at MetaCX


  • Jason Day, SVP, UX and Product Design at Salesforce
  • Micah Alpern, Design Director at Venmo
  • Nate Lagacy, Design Director at McKinsey


  • Designing for business relationships
  • Ethics and justice in design


July 13th, 2:00pm EST


Anand Tharanathan, CPO at MetaCX


  • John Hajdukiewicz, Senior Director Offering Management, User Experience Design at Honeywell
  • Joanna Champagne, Senior Design Lead at IDEO
  • Rich Bessel, Head of Design at Robinhood


  • Designing for a network with value as the centerpiece
  • Designing for the public vs. the private sector

We have arrived at a pivotal moment where businesses across all industries have the opportunity to transform. The design teams who prioritize the creation and delivery of value will be the ones who come out ahead.

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