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MetaCX for Healthcare

Co-create value with healthcare suppliers, buyers, partners, and peers.

MetaCX is a revolutionary collaborative data-sharing platform designed to bring trust and transparency to complex B2B relationships in healthcare. The platform helps healthcare providers, pharma/medical device manufacturers, and other industry suppliers co-create value with their partners and, ultimately, operationalize and scale value-based agreements.

Prioritize Value Co-Creation

Trust in any relationship comes from shared understanding and transparency that demonstrates that each party is aligned toward the achievement of mutual success. MetaCX provides a shared, co-branded space called a bridge where healthcare providers and their partners can come together to document and collaborate around their desired business and patient outcomes.

Measure Progress to Enable Remediation

In most cases today, interventions to improve population health outcomes are made without active measurement or understanding by each party in the contract during the performance period. MetaCX provides an early warning system to keep all parties apprised of outcome performance and outcome achievement, thus enabling remediation.

Create a collaborative space where stakeholders can access playbooks for mid-contract interventions.

Share real-time insights to foster trust and transparency between all contract parties.

Establish step-by-step action plans in support of outcome achievement and value creation.

Operationalize Value-Based Agreements

Value-based agreements (VBAs) reorient the economics of business relationships within healthcare based on mutually agreed on performance levels for upside and downside risk. MetaCX eliminates the question and conflict of who manages the data needed to report on VBA performance by providing a trusted third-party platform to efficiently manage and control anonymized, aggregated data shared between parties in a VBA contract.

Gather data from any combination of participants—supplier, provider, payer and third-party entities.

Organize and contextualize the billions of interactions and data points generated from a complex healthcare ecosystem.

Monitor key performance metrics and aggregate patient outcomes in real-time.

Track VBA Performance

VBAs are often seen as risky because data collection challenges and delays mean that the performance of the contract isn’t known until after the contract expires. MetaCX dramatically improves the predictability and effectiveness of value-based agreements by actively enabling real-time line of sight into the performance metrics that all parties in the contract care about and, often, are beholden to.

Healthcare Outcomes

Achieve Your Greatest Goals with the Help of MetaCX

Create Partnership Alignment

Invite your healthcare partners to a co-owned, digital space to collaborate on the desired business outcomes, milestones, metrics, and action plans necessary to unlock the full potential of the relationship.

Prove Value Delivery

Eliminate the question and conflict of who manages the data needed to report on performance by relying on a trusted third-party platform to efficiently manage and control anonymized, aggregated data shared between parties.

Operationalize VBAs

Document and collaborate around the outcomes established in VBAs, track aggregate patient goals, and alert stakeholders to take early action to ensure success within the contract timeline.

Protect & Extend Partnerships

Keep all parties accountable and focused on the goals, milestones, metrics and action plans necessary to ensure healthy, longer lasting healthcare partnerships built on a culture and practice of mutual success.

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