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MetaCX for Healthcare

Co-create value with healthcare suppliers, buyers, partners, and peers.

MetaCX transforms how suppliers, healthcare systems and providers, pharma/medical device manufacturers, and payers collaborate and win together with shared success plans backed by live performance data. By creating shared spaces that allow both parties to define and measure outcomes, MetaCX helps align the entire healthcare ecosystem around real business and patient value.


Invite partners to a shared, co-branded space where you can collaborate around outcomes, success plans, assets, metrics, and more.

Shared Outcomes

Define, document, and track the key deliverables by which your partners and patients define value and measure success.

Mutual Action Plans

Construct step-by-step action plans aligned to the short and long term goals of the partnership.

Performance Metrics

Capture data from any system or device that can help you prove you’ve delivered on the value promised.


Designate and start collaborating with relevant stakeholders by creating teams of people aligned to every lifecycle stage.


Get notified when a partner joins a bridge you’ve shared or interacts with any bridge element so that you can react in real-time.


Embed MetaCX success plans directly into any SaaS application or digital experience of your choice to bring value realization to the forefront of the product experience.


Share marketing assets, educational content, tutorials, and more directly within a bridge.


Integration Hub

MetaCX's integration network unifies disparate digital touchpoints to support value co-creation and prove value delivery. Gain access to over 200 SaaS tools and data sources to enrich the collaborative experience between suppliers, healthcare systems and providers, pharma/medical device manufacturers, and payers.

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