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MetaCX for Healthcare

Co-create value with healthcare suppliers, buyers, partners, and peers.

Create Partnership Alignment

While companies talk a good game about collaboration, partnership and shared success, when it comes down to it, partnerships in the healthcare industry are often one-sided.

MetaCX provides a shared digital space where companies can come together to define and manage mutual success plans informed by real-time performance data. This enables more profitable, longer lasting relationships built on a culture and practice of mutual success.

Operationalize VBAs

While there has been considerable interest in VBAs as an innovative concept, their adoption has often been hamstrung by the fact that they can be difficult to operationalize, administer, and scale.

MetaCX gives healthcare companies the ability to document and collaborate around the outcomes established in VBAs, monitor KPIs and aggregate patient goals, and alert stakeholders to take early action to ensure success within the contract timeline.

Prove Value Delivery

Proving value delivery is often dependent on data streams from both the healthcare supplier and their partner, but accessing that data is nearly impossible without a neutral third party.

MetaCX eliminates the question and conflict of who manages the data needed to report on performance by providing a trusted third-party platform to efficiently manage and control anonymized, aggregated data shared between parties in a VBA contract.

Protect & Extend Partnerships

In healthcare, the only way to ensure healthy relationships between partnering companies is by ensuring both sides share the same definition of success and work together to achieve the outcomes established in the value-based agreement.

MetaCX keeps both parties accountable and focused on the goals, milestones, metrics and action plans necessary to create more value for patients and other key players in the healthcare ecosystem.

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