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Innovation Teams

MetaCX for Innovation Initiatives

Capitalize on the value each internal and external stakeholder contributes to strategic initiatives.

Drive Innovation Through Collaboration

Innovation requires working collaboratively with various functional areas as well as external organizations—vendors, partners, agencies, investors, and more. Capitalizing on the value each internal and external stakeholder contributes to further innovation initiatives is crucial, yet many organizations do not have a framework to support the holistic, value-driven collaboration needed to succeed. Enter MetaCX.

Innovation Initiatives

Establish Ecosystem Alignment

MetaCX is a first-of-a-kind software platform that enables multi-stakeholder alignment and collaboration. Built on a new computing paradigm broadly labeled as the metaverse, organizations using MetaCX are able to establish persistent digital connections with internal and external stakeholders to align on strategic initiatives and monitor progress toward desired outcomes.

Innovation Bridge

Collaborate in a Persistent, Digital Space

Within MetaCX, organizations connect through bridges—co-owned, digital spaces where innovation teams and their partners are able to come together to define the desired outcomes of an initiative, create mutual action plans, and monitor key performance metrics. Everything needed to ensure shared success is housed in one, central location.

Innovation Metrics

Monitor Initiative Progress

MetaCX offers a private, secure space for innovation teams to instrument any application, system, or digital endpoint. MetaCX transforms this data into a real-time, comprehensive view of progress toward desired outcomes and value realization. By tying numerous internal and external stakeholders to an initiative, innovation teams can visualize the impact each partner has on an initiative’s success.

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