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HubSpot + MetaCX

One of the many benefits of MetaCX is that users gain a complete view of their entire business ecosystem—vendors, buyers, partners, and peers—in one central location. Each company profile housed in MetaCX includes the desired outcomes for the partnership and the metrics and action plans associated with those outcomes, but also encompasses relevant company information—names and titles of key stakeholders, contract details, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.

These basic data points either have to be defined manually within MetaCX or automatically through an integration. In order for your data to stay as current as possible, an integration is recommended.
The HubSpot Integration allows you to pass data from HubSpot to MetaCX seamlessly, maintaining consistency between your demand generation and value delivery teams.

Simplify the MetaCX Onboarding Process

Ensure Company and Contact Data is Updated on a Recurring Basis

Create Data Consistency Throughout Your Entire Tech Stack

Complete Team Profiles with No Added Effort

HubSpot Integration

Integration Installation

Ready to use the HubSpot Integration? Reach out to support@metacx.com and we’ll help you get started. The technical set-up will be handled on the back-end by MetaCX. Once live, the integration will sync data from HubSpot to MetaCX once every 24 hours.