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MetaCX for Manufacturing

Create data transparency across the entire supply chain.

Digitally Transform Business Processes

The customer journey for most manufacturing buyers, especially at the enterprise level, is characterized by a series of disconnected steps not supported by a digital experience.

MetaCX gives manufacturers the ability to create a digital experience that seamlessly moves their buyers through all phases of the customer lifecycle, proving value delivery every step of the way.

Gain Insights Through Data

Organizing the billions of interactions and data points generated from a complex manufacturing environment is extremely difficult, but necessary in order to understand how products are being utilized and if outcomes are being achieved.

MetaCX makes it easy to capture and organize customer activity across all systems and devices to gain a complete, unified view of the customer experience.

Prove Value Delivery

There was a time when manufacturing claims were accepted by buyers at face value. But, as budgets have come under closer scrutiny and relationship dynamics have evolved, suppliers are being held to a higher standard.

MetaCX provides a way for manufacturers to prove when they’ve delivered on the value promised through quantitative measures of a product’s impact.

Protect & Extend Partnerships

For too long, B2B relationships have failed to meet their potential. While companies talk a good game about collaboration, partnership and shared success, when it comes down to it, supplier/buyer relationships are often one-sided.

MetaCX provides a shared space where manufacturers and their customers can come together to define and manage mutual success plans informed by real-time performance data. This enables more profitable, longer lasting relationships built on a culture and practice of mutual success.

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