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MetaCX for Manufacturing

Create data transparency across the entire supply chain.

Digital transformation means that virtually every product, physical or digital, now has the potential to be instrumented as an endpoint. The best organizations know how to wrangle this data, put it to use to understand and improve the customer experience—and, crucially, utilize it to demonstrate the value they’re delivering to customers, partners, and suppliers across the ecosystem.

Prioritize Value Co-Creation

If the goal of digital transformation is to fundamentally change how manufacturers operate and deliver value to partners in their ecosystem, the first step is understanding the value each of these entities is looking to receive. MetaCX provides a shared space where manufacturers and their partners can come together to collaborate around desired business outcomes–both as a way to provide visible proof of commitment to collective business goals and as a way to measure value delivery over time.

Turn Data into Actionable Insights

Organizing the billions of interactions and data points generated from a complex manufacturing environment is extremely difficult, but necessary. MetaCX makes it easy to capture and organize supplier and customer activity across all systems and devices to gain a complete, unified view of the customer experience.

Gain insight into the usage patterns of your products, suppliers, facilities, and services.

Distill data points from any system or device to show value delivery.

Store data insights in a shared space that is universally accessible to key stakeholders.

Create compliance controls between one or more parties.

Digitally Transform the Customer Experience

The age of digital transformation has heightened customer expectations and even the most innovative organizations have trouble keeping up. MetaCX helps you manage the entire value stream within a single platform—all by capturing, processing and contextualizing the billions of signals and events within an IoT ecosystem.

Create and share a proof of concept at the start of the business relationship.

Track the progression of goals and objectives during deployment.

Give your service team insight into if and when customers are taking the appropriate actions to be successful.

Manage critical supply chain operations transparently and collaboratively.

Align to Measurable Outcomes

Measurable outcomes are the only thing your customers and partners care about, yet most companies can’t prove they’re making an impact. The value you provide becomes even harder to prove when the data firehose is on full blast.

MetaCX provides a real-time data integration layer that allows you to instrument any application, system or digital endpoint and to surface these insights, not just as data, but as the indicators of health and progress of the relationship and proof of performance against target outcomes.

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