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MetaCX for Marketing Initiatives

MetaCX gives marketing leaders and their teams the ability to establish persistent digital connections with their entire ecosystem of martech vendors to align on shared initiatives and monitor progress toward desired outcomes.

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Metrics Screen

Gain a Real-Time View of Vendor Performance

MetaCX provides a real-time, comprehensive view of how each martech vendor is tracking toward the delivery of value. Unlike traditional analytics tools, metrics are tied directly to key initiatives and expected outcomes in order to show true impact. As a result, marketing leaders gain insight into which vendors are proving ROI and don’t have to log into multiple vendor applications to monitor siloed metrics.


Align with Vendors on Desired Marketing Outcomes

To ensure accountability, this information can be shared directly with vendors through MetaCX bridges—co-owned, digital spaces where two or more organizations are able to come together to define desired outcomes, create action plans, an monitor performance metrics. Bridges can be created to manage individual vendor relationships or to bring multiple vendors together to collaborate on a single initiative.

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The QBR is Dead. Enter the CBR.

The QBR is Dead. Enter the CBR.

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Measuring Value with MetaCX

Measuring Value with MetaCX

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