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Multi-Stakeholder Alignment

Innovation requires working collaboratively with multiple internal and external stakeholders. Capitalizing on the value each organization contributes to further strategic initiatives is crucial, yet until now, a tech solution has not existed that supports the holistic, value-driven collaboration needed to succeed. Companies who join the Business Value Network are able to align with multiple stakeholders simultaneously to ensure the collective achievement of their most strategic initiatives.


Operationalize Sustainability Programs

Innovation Teams

Innovate Through Collaboration

Economic & Talent Development

Create Ecosystem Support Structures for Economic Growth

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Align Key Stakeholders on DEI Objectives

Perfecting Outcome-Based Practice

Create a Comprehensive View of Marketing Performance

MetaCX for Healthcare

Prioritize Value in Healthcare Partnerships


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By joining the Business Value Network, you’re able to connect with organizations across your ecosystem to align on expected outcomes and measure value delivery over time. Learn more by requesting a demo.