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Social Initiatives

Social initiatives aim to further core environmental, social, and governance objectives that make a positive impact on society. These efforts are more important than ever before, yet many organizations find social initiatives incredibly difficult to manage. Success requires aligning various functional areas as well as working collaboratively with external organizations—vendors, partners, agencies, investors, and more.

Initiative Management

Initiative Management

MetaCX provides a framework to manage every aspect of corporate social initiatives including the internal and external stakeholders involved, desired outcomes, corresponding action plans, and key performance indicators.

Holistic, Value-Driven Collaboration

Social initiatives often already have dozens if not hundreds of organizations trying to work together to drive change and measure the impact of their efforts. The challenge is that these organizations often use disconnected, siloed systems that get in the way of creating the alignment needed across many stakeholders to create value. MetaCX supports the holistic, value-driven collaboration needed to succeed.

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MetaCX for Sustainability Initiatives

Economic & Talent Development

MetaCX for Economic Development Initiatives

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

MetaCX for DEI Initiatives

MetaCX for Healthcare

MetaCX for Healthcare Initiatives


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