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Network Use Cases

Manage the expected value from your business relationships with customers, vendors, and other stakeholders.

MetaCX for 1:1 Relationship Management

The relationship between a supplier and buyer is based on the exchange of value, but without a system in place that prioritizes value delivery, it’s easy for expectations to become misaligned. Companies who join the Business Value Network are able to establish persistent digital connections with vendors and customers to collaborate on shared initiatives and monitor progress toward desired outcomes.

Strategic Account Management

We help sales, customer success, and account management teams put value at the center of the customer experience and continuously prove value delivery.

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Vendor Value Management

We help team leaders and vendor management personnel align internal initiatives to vendor selection with a real-time view into whether vendors are delivering on the value promised.

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MetaCX for Ecosystem Alignment

Innovation requires working collaboratively with multiple businesses and aligning these relationships on the outcomes each company contributes to create value. Yet traditional technology does not support the holistic, value-driven collaboration needed to succeed. The Business Value Network gives companies the ability to align with internal and external stakeholders on the collective achievement of their most strategic initiatives.

Multi-Stakeholder Innovation

We create one shared view of strategic initiatives for innovation teams and the companies partnering with them to align on and monitor progress toward desired outcomes.

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Economic & Talent Development

We help government and NGO leaders create ecosystem support structures for business and job growth, providing insight into which agencies are contributing toward desired outcomes.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We help HR and leadership teams drive new levels of transparency and accountability in the execution of initiatives that aim to improve diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace.

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We enable energy companies and ESG teams operationalize sustainability programs through the collective achievement of environmental and social objectives.

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Customer Your Use Case

Customize Your Use Case

By joining the Business Value Network, a company is able to collaborate with its entire ecosystem of business partners, all in one place. Such transformative technology has unending use cases and industry applications. The examples above are some of our most common, but we’re happy to work with you to determine the most beneficial use of the Business Value Network for your organization.

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Our value use cases can be applied across many industries to align organizations on the shared expectations that sit at the center of business relationships. Learn more by requesting a demo.