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Senior Analytics Engineer

Job Description

Design and implement complex, highly scalable, robust and value driven state-of-the-art business-network analytics with a team of talented engineers. Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve new systems and features and integrate those into the product. Design and build analytics platform providing deep insights helping customers derive the value. Ensure that software development deliverables are performant, scalable, resilient, and have the appropriate instrumentation and monitoring. Translate complex functional requirements into detailed design and implement and code them using the latest technology stack. Participate and perform code reviews to ensure that expected quality of the product is met. Perform unit testing, integration testing, debugging and performing quality checks on existing data and code to improve process and performance. Be involved in infrastructure and configuration decisions to help identify and articulate technical risks and obstacles and generate elegant solutions. Evaluate and process new tools and advanced technologies. Propose, collaborate, and support application architects. Collaborate with infrastructure engineer to ensure new technologies are seamlessly integrated into existing technology stacks. Deliver Proof of Concept using latest technologies and paradigms helping organizations expand product and reach their markets.

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or a closely-related technical field.

Three (3) years of experience with big data.

Other skills and/or experiences must include:

  • Software development experience with building real time data analytics pipelines.
  • Experience with Apache Druid, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, and HBase.
  • Optimizing applications to improve performance, speed, and accuracy.
  • Experience with real-time data processing.
  • Understanding of big data technology stack.

Must have current authorization to be employed in the U.S. without employer sponsorship.

Telecommuting available.


MetaCX, Inc.

Work Location

830 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 1500, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Apply by sending your resume and a cover letter to people@metacx.com.