Minority Business Week

Indianapolis-Based Organizations Unite to Create a Digital Ecosystem Connecting Black Business Owners to Needed Resources

InnoPower, an Indianapolis-based social enterprise accelerating economic development and wealth generation in Black communities, announced on Monday the next phase of a social impact partnership with MetaCX and Sagamore Institute at the 2023 Minority Business Week.

Catalyst By Wellstar

Catalyst by Wellstar Launches $100 Million Venture Fund to Shape Future of Healthcare

Catalyst by Wellstar, the first-of-its-kind innovation company and venture firm created by one of the largest health systems in Georgia, announced the launch of a $100 million venture fund to shape the future of healthcare by creating better care and market value.


MetaCX Launches Initiatives to Enable Multi-Business Collaboration in the Metaverse®

MetaCX today announced the launch of initiatives, a feature that gives companies the ability to collaborate with vendors, customers, and other stakeholders on the collective achievement of their most strategic initiatives.

The Business Value Network

MetaCX Unveils the Business Value Network, Shaping the Future of Business in the Metaverse

Today MetaCX unveiled the Business Value Network, a platform that enables businesses to establish persistent digital connections with other businesses in their ecosystem—customers, vendors, and stakeholders—to manage the expected value from these relationships.

People Innovating

Authority Magazine - The Future is Now

As part of their series about cutting edge technological breakthroughs, Authority Magazine interviewed Jake Miller, co-founder and chief architect at MetaCX. Read the interview to learn more about MetaCX's vision for the future and approach to product development.


Software Business Growth - Deep Customer Collaboration: The New Frontier

Within the world of customer management, opportunities exist to reimagine how the tech stack can better support customer collaboration, with value creation as the ultimate goal. Those that embrace the importance of deep customer collaboration ensure longer, more healthy customer relationships.


DestinationCRM - It’s Time for B2B Suppliers and Buyers to Win Together

Because CRM systems were developed for a different time, with different requirements than those of businesses today, the customer was never really part of the equation. Instead, CRM systems have been all about the supplier, with a focus on optimizing internal processes and workflows while managing each buyer in isolation.

People Working

Software Business Growth - Capitalizing On Untapped Opportunities To Prescribe, Deliver, And Measure Value With Customers

As sales and customer success strategies become more centered around the creation and delivery of value, the customer management tech stack must be enhanced to support deep customer collaboration.

Digital Transformation