CEO’s Speak, Shaking their fist at Covid-19

Bitbean – CEO’s Speak, Shaking their fist at Covid-19

November 23, 2020 | Written by Kolby Tallentire

Bitbean’s Executive Creative Director Charlie Katz interviewed hundreds of CEOs from across the nation to learn how they plan to navigate and build their businesses in spite of the challenges. Those interviews, including one with MetaCX President, Jake Sorofman, have been consolidated into a single eBook called “CEOs Speak: Shaking Their Fists at COVID-19.” In his introduction, Mr. Katz says, “In reflecting on their stories, I asked myself whether there is one core thread that ties them all together. I believe there is. Realistic Optimism.”

You can read the entire eBook online by clicking the image below. The Jake Sorofman excerpt appears on page 653 with a link to the complete online interview.

Download the eBook here.