MetaCX Brings Customer Experience Management to the Fore

IT Business Edge – MetaCX Brings Customer Experience Management to the Fore

January 28, 2021 | Written by Kolby Tallentire

One impact of COVID-19 pandemic that is not widely appreciated is the increased focus on customer experience management. Organizations of all sizes quickly realized that landing new customers during a pandemic is extremely challenging while customers are hesitant to buy things from someone they just met on a video conference call. Consequently, many organizations have honed in on driving additional revenue from existing customers.

The challenge organizations encounter is most of them don’t have anything that approaches a real process for consistently managing customer experiences. There may be a team that is tasked with that responsibility, but it is usually made up of customer service representatives and project managers that don’t often directly engage customers unless an issue has arisen. By that time, the customer is usually well on their way to being unhappy.

In a new article, IT Business Edge highlights how MetaCX has created a customer experience management platform that provides both organizations and their customers with an overall view of their relationship.

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