MetaCX Launches Initiatives to Enable Multi-Business Collaboration in the Metaverse®

March 31, 2022 | Written by Kolby Tallentire

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – MetaCX, the creator of the Business Value Network—a network companies join to manage the expected value from their business relationships in a persistent, digital space—today announced the launch of initiatives. Introduced as a new pillar of the platform, the feature gives companies the ability to collaborate with vendors, customers, and other stakeholders on the collective achievement of their most strategic initiatives.

More specifically, the feature gives companies the ability to manage an initiative and the outcomes, metrics, and milestones associated with it. By tying numerous business relationships to an initiative, a company is able to visualize the impact each relationship has on an initiative’s success as well as understand the cumulative effect of an entire business ecosystem. Additionally, companies are able to come together in a co-owned, digital space to collaborate on specific aspects of an initiative, define mutual action plans, and monitor key performance indicators.

To amplify the impact of initiatives, MetaCX also launched new metric capabilities. Each company contributing to an initiative is able to securely instrument their own data sources and contribute their piece of value measurement, turning fragmented data into a real-time, comprehensive view of how companies are tracking toward the achievement of the initiative’s expected outcomes.

“The Business Value Network brings companies together to manage their business relationships”, said Scott McCorkle, MetaCX’s CEO. “There’s always a reason why a company needs to create a business relationship, and initiatives provide companies with a framework to establish this context, align all partners contributing to the initiative, and ensure successful outcomes are achieved.”

Since MetaCX’s inception, the platform has offered users a way to define and track desired business outcomes—the key deliverables expected in a business relationship. MetaCX realized early on that there was a need to tie these individual outcomes to larger, more strategic initiatives. Despite substantial digital advancements in the last twenty years, a tech solution has not existed that supports the holistic, value-driven collaboration needed to facilitate innovation across business ecosystems. That is until MetaCX.

The initiatives feature enables companies to manage both commercial and social initiatives, such as achieving digital transformation, expanding to global markets, or reaching sustainability goals. Hundreds of companies across healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and government are collaborating in the Business Value Network to ensure the success of their most strategic initiatives.

This press release first appeared on PR Newswire.