Authority Magazine - How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company to the Next Level

As part of their series about “How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company to the Next Level,” Jason Hartman from Authority Magazine interviewed Dave Duke, MetaCX Co-Founder and CCO.

MetaCX Launches Embedded Success Plans To Transform SaaS Apps for the Performance Economy

MetaCX today announced CXLayer, an industry-first capability that allows MetaCX success plans to be embedded directly into any SaaS application or digital experience.

The Customer Experience Podcast - Transforming Customer Relationships with Transparency and Collaboration

From the earliest moments of engagement and deal management, suppliers and buyers need a place to collaborate to define the requirements of the relationship, how it will be measured, the different components of the lifecycle, and, ultimately, the proof of performance. That’s digital transformation.

The Business Survival Show - It's Easier to Be Differentiated than Different!

Starting fast, often and small is how you capture lightning in a bottle. In this episode of The Business Survival Show, Jake Sorofman talks about how it's a heck of a lot easier to be differentiated than different.

Why Customer Success Platforms Have It All Wrong

Jake Sorofman joined the Practical CSM podcast for a three part series to discuss the fact that customer success platforms create false comfort through the appearance of progress, but don’t do enough to help manifest successful customer outcomes.

Thrive Global - Scott McCorkle of MetaCX: “Assert”

As a part of Thrive Global's series about business leaders who are shaking things up in their industry, Jason Hartman interviewed Scott McCorkle. Scott discussed how MetaCX is creating a platform that allows suppliers of software and digital services to align with enterprise buyers to collaborate and win together.

Mark Schaefer – Looking Beyond Experience to Measure Customer Outcomes

In recent years business leaders have eagerly embraced the importance of creating world-class experiences that lead to deeper customer relationships. While this evolution has been fruitful, new research shows that experiences are not enough if they don’t lead to the desired outcome.

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