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Thrive Global - Scott McCorkle of MetaCX: “Assert”

As a part of Thrive Global's series about business leaders who are shaking things up in their industry, Jason Hartman interviewed Scott McCorkle. Scott discussed how MetaCX is creating a platform that allows suppliers of software and digital services to align with enterprise buyers to collaborate and win together.

Looking Beyond Experience to Measure Customer Outcomes

Mark Schaefer – Looking Beyond Experience to Measure Customer Outcomes

In recent years business leaders have eagerly embraced the importance of creating world-class experiences that lead to deeper customer relationships. While this evolution has been fruitful, new research shows that experiences are not enough if they don’t lead to the desired outcome.

MetaCX Announces Ambitious Plans

MetaCX Announces Ambitious Plans To Digitally Transform B2B Supplier/Buyer Relationships

MetaCX today announced MetaCX Integration Hub, the first iteration of a multiphase integration plan to enable a full B2B digital transformation in large enterprises and SaaS companies.

MetaCX Brings Customer Experience Management to the Fore

IT Business Edge – MetaCX Brings Customer Experience Management to the Fore

One impact of COVID-19 pandemic that is not widely appreciated is the increased focus on customer experience management. Organizations of all sizes quickly realized that landing new customers during a pandemic is extremely challenging while customers are hesitant to buy things from someone they just met on a video conference call.

4 Flaws of Traditional Customer Success Thinking

Toolbox – 4 Flaws of Traditional CS Thinking

In this Toolbox Marketing article, Jake Sorofman talks about why B2B enterprises should treat customer success as a companywide goal. He also discusses the fact that customer success platforms create false comfort through the appearance of progress but do not do enough to help manifest successful customer outcomes.

MetaCX Adds Product Exec

MetaCX Adds Product Exec To Help Advance Transformational Vision for Customer Collaboration

MetaCX today announced the appointment of Max Hamel in the newly created role of vice president of product management. Hamel joins MetaCX as demand for its industry-first collaborative B2B customer lifecycle platform continues to grow.

Start-Up Society – College Series

Start-Up Society – College Series

MetaCX was highlighted by Start-Up Society, a weekly blog that promotes nationwide entrepreneurship and highlights some of the most exciting start-ups in the country striving to keep the American Dream alive.

Fools Rush In

CMSWire – Fools Rush In

In this CMSWire article, David Roe writes about the number of digital transformation trends that have become established as we enter the new year. It is clear, for example, that enterprises that failed to invest in digital transformation are facing significant competitive challenges in 2021. Those companies that still have not seen the writing on the wall need to start planning and implementing soon.

Meet The Disruptors

Authority Magazine – Meet The Disruptors

As a part of Authority Magazine’s series about business leaders who are shaking things up in their industry, they interviewed Scott McCorkle, founder and CEO of MetaCX.