MetaCX Hires Brett Crossley as VP of Services and Success

MetaCX Hires New VP of Services and Success

MetaCX today announced its appointment of Brett Crossley as vice president of services and success. Brett joins MetaCX from Richardson Sales Performance (formerly known as Sales Performance International), a global leader in sales training and consulting, where he was vice president of software development.

CRM Playaz Weekly

CRM Playaz Weekly

MetaCX CEO, Scott McCorkle, joined Paul Greenberg and Brent Leary on CRM Playaz Weekly to talk about MetaCX and the future of customer lifecycle management.

Will COVID-19 Drive Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain?

DevPro – Will COVID-19 Drive Digital Transformation?

Jake Sorofman joined DevPro Journal to discuss the reality of Post-COVID-19 businesses and organizations accelerating their digital transformation roadmaps with urgency. In light of maintaining productivity during a pandemic, many business leaders have reassessed their timelines for digital transformation — and have realized that it isn’t happening fas

How Enterprise SaaS Ushers In A New Buyer-Supplier Dynamic – How Enterprise SaaS Ushers In A New Buyer-Supplier Dynamic

Scott McCorkle joined to talk about the fact that while SaaS itself has supported a business evolution, the buyer-supplier relationship between corporates and their software vendors remains an outdated paradigm. It’s time for businesses to adjust how they measure the success of that relationship, with broad implications for buyer-supplier collaborations.

MetaCX Launches B2B Customer Lifecycle Platform

MetaCX Launches B2B Customer Lifecycle Platform

MetaCX today announced the launch of the MetaCX platform, the first collaborative B2B customer lifecycle solution that ensures transparent, value-based alignment between suppliers and buyers.

Take Time to Refocus

Thrive Global – Take Time to Refocus

MetaCX President, Jake Sorofman, was interviewed as part of Charlie Katz’s series, “How Business Leaders Plan to Rebuild in the Post-COVID Economy.” In the interview, Jake lends his perspective on the current crisis and how it’s a wakeup call for companies who now recognize how vulnerable they are to unpredictable macro changes in demand patterns, supply chains, and customer behaviors.

Interview With Jake Sorofman

SalesTechStar – Interview With Jake Sorofman

MetaCX President, Jake Sorofman, joined SalesTechStar for a discussion about the startup space, the impact of COVID-19, the evolution of sales and marketing, and the future of MetaCX. Among other insights shared in the interview, Jake suggests to lean into customer retention and expansion activities, knowing that this is where a lot of your growth is going to come from as you face significant and lasting headwinds on the acquisition side during the Covid-19 pademic.

How COVID-19 Has Made Digital Transformation More Relevant Than Ever

CMS Wire – How COVID-19 Has Made Digital Transformation More Relevant Than Ever

Both aspects of the digital transformation—distributed teams and digital commerce—are of heightened urgency right now given the likelihood of an extended recession in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are other aspects of digital transformation—competing on a digital customer experience, rethinking business models and value propositions, finding new sources of differentiation, business advantage and monetization—that are also important, but may not take on the same immediate existential urgency.

Retention is the New Growth

ClickZ – Retention is the New Growth

Jake Sorofman, president of MetaCX, conveys the importance of focusing on existing customers instead acquiring new ones, and on demonstrating measurable proof of value instead of feeding Google Adwords and making micro-optimizations on a webpage.