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Prioritize Value in Healthcare

Align your economic interests with healthcare partners to achieve positive patient outcomes.

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A Shift from Volume to Value

Across the healthcare industry, there has been a shift from volume to value. The challenge is that even with collective commitment to positive patient outcomes, it can be difficult for partnering healthcare organizations to align on a shared expectation of value or track value delivery over time. That’s where MetaCX can help.

MetaCX Bridge

Align on Desired Patient Outcomes

Join MetaCX’s Business Value Network to gain access to a co-owned digital space where you can collaborate with healthcare suppliers, providers, systems, employers, and payers on shared initiatives.

Outcomes Section

Monitor the Success of Healthcare Initiatives

Capture and conceptualize data from any healthcare system, application, or digital endpoint to gain a real-time, comprehensive view of how you’re tracking toward the achievement of positive patient outcomes.


Establish Trust with Healthcare Partners

Eliminate sensitivity to data access and control by leveraging a neutral, third-party location to exchange information with healthcare partners. Maintain complete control over who you collaborate with and what data you choose to share.

Lower cost of care

Standardize Processes Across All Stakeholders

Establish a consistent, repeatable process for value co-creation by creating a standard set of outcomes, action plans, and evaluation measures that can be applied to any number of business relationships.

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Sharing Healthcare Data Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

Sharing Healthcare Data Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

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MetaCX for Healthcare

MetaCX for Healthcare

A Stepwise Path Toward Value

A Stepwise Path Toward Value

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By joining the Business Value Network, you’re able to connect with partnering healthcare organizations to align on expected outcomes and measure value delivery over time. Learn more by requesting a demo.