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Proof of Performance

Data-driven success plans for digital enterprises

Your Outcomes

Reduce Churn

Customers are increasingly vigilant about proving the value of every vendor contract. This means that, without a way to consistently measure and prove the positive impact your solution has on your customers’ business, renewals are perpetually at risk.

MetaCX shines light on outcome achievement and value realization to help suppliers easily renew contracts. By sharing measurable proof of value with customers, you’re able to improve gross retention rates by 30% of more.

Increase Expansion

Many companies struggle to drive expansion revenue from existing accounts because of lingering questions about whether value has been realized from the initial investment.

MetaCX demonstrates proof of value, which arms your customer success, install base sellers and account management teams with the proof they need to unlock the expansion motion. This proof of value can help lift net revenue retention rates by 20% or more.

Share Success

The most strategic customer relationships depend upon close collaboration and successful achievement of mutual outcomes and shared success. Whether these goals are formalized with a service level or value-based agreement or held as more informal commitment, both parties benefit from a shared understanding of what’s being achieved together.

MetaCX provides a shared space where companies can come together to define and collaborate around measurable outcomes. This eliminates the manual effort of producing static reports and gives all parties a real-time view into shared outcome achievement.

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