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Proof of Performance

Collaborate on Goals

For too long, B2B relationships have failed to meet their potential. While companies talk a good game about collaboration, partnership and shared success, when it comes down to it, supplier/buyer relationships are often one-sided. They simply lack a way to define and manage a shared set of goals, and measure and hold each other accountable to outcome achievement.

Measure Success Together

MetaCX provides a shared space where suppliers and buyers come together to define and manage mutual success plans informed by real-time performance data. This enables more profitable, longer lasting B2B relationships built on a culture and practice of mutual success.

Shared Success Plans

MetaCX provides a secure digital space where suppliers and their customers can come together to define goals and target outcomes for the relationship. This becomes a shared success plan that keeps both parties accountable and focused on the goals, milestones, metrics and action plans to unlock the full potential of the relationship.

Specify the specific steps you and your buyers will take to ensure outcome achievement in a shared space that everyone can access.

Capture live data from multiple systems and devices to create a means of measuring outcome progression.

Create mutual accountability by setting deadlines and establishing ownership around key action items.

Provide all relevant parties visibility into outcome attribution and product impact over time.

Performance You Can See.
Insight You Can Act On.

MetaCX provides a real-time data integration layer that allows you to instrument any application, system or digital endpoint and to surface these insights, not just as data, but as the indicators of health and progress of the relationship and proof of performance against target outcomes.

Track the key deliverables by which your customers define value and measure success over time.

Detect hidden retention risks by tracking specific actions and behaviors that reveal customers that are about to churn.

Prove when you’ve delivered on the value promised through quantitative measures of your product’s impact.

Share the insights you gain with your internal team and customers in real-time.


Make it Last. Make it Matter.

MetaCX was founded on a simple philosophy: Suppliers and buyers that win together, stay together. And when they do, they have the potential to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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