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June '22 Release Notes

The Latest and Greatest from MetaCX

Metric Snapshots

View a metric within a specific timeframe to better understand how your company is progressing toward desired outcomes.

Metric Targets

Specify the metric value that is expected to be achieved and then view the metric target at a group level to understand how various companies are performing against one another.


May '22 Release Notes

The Latest and Greatest from MetaCX

Initiative Groups

Curate and group multiple initiatives to align to higher level organizational strategies.


Map identifiers from outside applications to custom objects within MetaCX. Use these identifiers for benchmarking purposes.

Metric Groups

Create groups of related metrics to better visualize value creation and keep an eye on leading and lagging indicators.

Cross-Org Metrics

Enable true multi-stakeholder collaboration by aligning KPIs from multiple organizational sources to the outcomes shared in a bridge.


April '22 Release Notes

Initiative Bridges

Invite multiple organizations into a persistent, digital space to collaborate on the collective achievement of a key strategic initiative.

Multi-Tenant Workspaces

Create additional MetaCX profiles under your company’s brand to represent distinct teams and functional areas.

Executive Outcome Summary

Provide a synopsis of the progress you’ve made on desired outcomes and strategic initiatives to key stakeholders.


March '22 Release Notes


Collaborate with vendors, customers, and other stakeholders on the collective achievement of your most strategic initiatives.


Compare various business relationships by selecting up to five companies to view and visually analyze on a line graph.

Live Bridge Updates

Gain visibility into bridge updates in real-time when collaborating with contributors in the platform.


February '22 Release Notes

The Latest and Greatest from MetaCX

Icon Library

Leverage MetaCX’s icon library to scale branding efforts more efficiently and further your visual identity.

Image Editing

Crop and reposition bridge headers, profile pictures, and custom icons you’ve uploaded directly within the platform.


January '22 Release Notes

Personalized User Profiles

Personalize your user profile in MetaCX by adding social links that will be displayed on your avatar card.

Editable Manual Metrics

Give external collaborators more control by giving them the ability to edit manual metrics.

Cross-Org Metrics

Create a metric that provides an aggregate view of performance across multiple organizations by using an advanced metric as an input to another advanced metric.


December '21 Release Notes

Custom Messaging

Customize the outbound message when inviting a new individual into a bridge.

Activity Feed Filtering

Filter your activity feed by any bridge, initiative, or company activity to see what is most relevant to you and your organization.

Real-Time Notifications

Now when you tag someone in a bridge comment, an email containing the full message will be delivered to the user’s inbox immediately.


November '21 Release Notes

The Latest and Greatest from MetaCX


A brand new section of the platform houses a live feed of your latest MetaCX activity including bridge views, comments, milestone status updates, and more.

Enhanced Mobile Experience

Now when you log into MetaCX through your mobile device, your experience will match the desktop experience. Easily navigate to three sections of the platform—Value, Network, and Activity.

Metric Visualization

Gain a better understanding of how metrics have changed over time through improved visualization of performance.


October '21 Release Notes

Navigation Overhaul

Now when you log into MetaCX, you’ll see a new menu at the top of the screen that divides the platform into three main areas—Value, Network, and Activity.

Bridge Dashboard

It’s now easier than ever to manage all of the bridges associated with a company. On the company profile page, filter and search bridges by name or creation date.

Enhanced Bridge Collaboration

Collaborators with edit access can now contribute to milestones that are owned by a different organization. Add notes, edit deadlines, create manual actions, and more.


September '21 Release Notes

Mobile Compatibility

Add a shortcut to the MetaCX application on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device by selecting “Add to Home Screen” the next time you login using your mobile browser. Once set up, opening the MetaCX app will result in a clean, app-like experience.

Aggregate Metrics

Show metrics configured to the company value and the aggregate value for benchmarking purposes.

Bridge Mentions

Tag the individual you're addressing when commenting on bridge elements to trigger a notification to be sent to the recipient(s).


August '21 Release Notes

The Latest and Greatest from MetaCX

Bridge Banners

Personalize each bridge you create with a header that is specific to your brand or the purpose of the business relationship.


Get notified when a prospect or customer joins a bridge you’ve shared or interacts with any bridge element so that you can react in real time.

Unlimited Bridges

Create an unlimited number of bridges with any one company. Align specific bridges to teams, lifecycle stages, or subsets of outcomes.


July '21 Release Notes

Bridge Menu

Quickly access areas of the MetaCX bridge dedicated to outcomes, action plans, metrics, assets, and timelines.

Bridge Access Controls

Control the level of access you provide to collaborators when sharing a bridge.

Asset Visualization

Make marketing assets come to life by uploading thumbnails for each PDF, video, document, and URL that you add to a bridge.


Start collaborating with relevant stakeholders by creating teams of people aligned to your bridges.


June '21 Release Notes

Company Filtering

Sort the companies housed in MetaCX by a set of attributes most relevant to your organization.

Salesforce Integration

Operate more efficiently by automatically creating companies and people in MetaCX from your Salesforce account and contact records.

Slack Integration

Receive notifications in Slack when a vendor, customer, partner, or peer joins a bridge you’ve shared, makes a comment, or interacts with any bridge element.

Multidirectional Data

Gather data from up to four companies directly in MetaCX to more accurately track the progression of value and measure outcome performance.

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