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Sell on Value. Renew on Proof.

Sell on Value. Renew on Proof.

It's time to put value at the center of the customer experience to accelerate sales cycles, achieve shared success, and lock in future growth.

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Experience is the Method,
Outcomes are the Goal

An eBook by Salesforce & MetaCX

An experience-focused business will create more value than a product-focused one, but an outcome-focused business will outperform them both every single time.

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MetaCX for Technology Providers

Companies make technology purchases with certain outcomes in mind. This expectation of value is consistent across all buyers, yet many technology providers fail to put value at the center of the customer experience. MetaCX helps organizations tie together sales and customer success as one “steel thread” experience that connects:

Value Selling

Where marketing and sales teams position outcomes that can be achieved for the customer.

Value Delivery

Where implementation and onboarding teams deliver on these promises.

Value Realization

Where CSMs and account managers measure and prove that outcomes were achieved.

Bridge Screen

Close More Deals by Focusing on Value

Build trust and transparency by focusing the sales motion on your prospects’ desired outcomes. By providing visible proof of your commitment to buyer business goals, you will accelerate the sales cycle and move deals forward.

Ensure Continuous Alignment
by Prioritizing Outcomes

Ensure your team is delivering value from sales through renewal by keeping desired outcomes the central focus of each customer relationship. Armed with real-time insights, know when to take action to achieve shared success.

Multidirectional Data

Retain and Expand Customers
by Proving Your Impact

Prove your impact to customers by capturing and conceptualizing real-time, multidirectional data. Turn individual metrics into a dynamic view of performance toward the achievement of outcomes and delivery of value.

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The New North Star eBook

Experience is the Method, Outcomes are the Goal

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Strategic Account Management

MetaCX for Strategic Account Management

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The Ultimate Tech Stack for Deep Customer Collaboration

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With the help of MetaCX, you’re able to align with customers on expected outcomes and prove value delivery over time. Learn more by requesting a demo.