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Sharing Healthcare Data

How to Establish Trust & Accountability in Healthcare Partnerships

Patient and Doctor Talking

Data Challenges in Healthcare

You’d think tracking value creation in the healthcare industry would be easy considering that an enormous amount of data is created and captured throughout the patient journey. Unfortunately, the problem is not due to an absence of data in the industry but rather a lack of trust that leads to ineffective data sharing between independent healthcare entities.

Sharing Data in a Neutral Location

In order to ensure the value promised is the value delivered in healthcare partnerships, healthcare suppliers, providers, systems, and payers need to be able to transparently share data with one another in a mutually agreed upon location. Ideally, this would be a co-owned, neutral space that mitigates sensitivity to data access and control and ensures that no single participant feels at a disadvantage.

Sharing Healthcare Data White Paper

Sharing Healthcare Data Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

Download the white paper today to learn how to counteract today's challenges preventing effective data sharing in healthcare. It's time for healthcare suppliers, providers, systems, and payers to build mutual accountability and trust in order to ensure shared success and the best level of patient care.

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About MetaCX

MetaCX is a collaborative, data-sharing platform designed to bring trust and transparency to complex B2B relationships in healthcare. The platform helps healthcare suppliers, providers, systems, and payers co-create value with their partners and track the progression of that value over time.