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MetaCX for Sustainability Initiatives

Operationalize sustainability programs by aligning internal and external stakeholders on environmental objectives.

Drive Outcomes-Based Results

The pressure on ESG teams to prove the effectiveness of their programs and demonstrate long-term value creation for all stakeholders is stronger than ever before. Yet many of the most sophisticated sustainability initiatives still rely on rudimentary metrics and simplistic or outdated technology to track the outcomes of their programs for partners, stakeholders, and the corporate bottom line. Enter MetaCX.

Sustainability Initiatives

Align with Key Partners

Using MetaCX, ESG teams have the ability to self organize around a sustainability initiative by connecting with other departments in whatever configuration is required to ensure alignment. Once internal alignment is achieved, external stakeholders—vendors, partners, agencies, investors, and more—can be invited into the value network to contribute additional value and capabilities.

Sustainability Bridge

Demonstrate Value and Prove ROI

To track the progress of key initiatives, MetaCX offers a private, secure space for ESG teams to instrument any digital endpoint. MetaCX transforms this data into a real-time, comprehensive view of initiative performance including progress toward the achievement of expected outcomes. By adopting an outcomes-driven model, ESG teams are able to showcase an initiative’s long-term impact.

Sustainability Metrics

Tell a Data-Driven Story

Armed with real-time performance metrics, organizations using MetaCX are able to tell compelling stories that can be shared with leadership teams, shareholders, investors, and the public. By evangelizing the value that they’re generating from investing in sustainability strategies, companies benefit from positive media coverage, revenue growth, and increased sustainability investment.

Sustainability Benchmarking

Standardize Vendor Requirements

For most companies, success in environmental initiatives requires the cooperation of the entire supply chain. Organizations using MetaCX are able to create a standard set of desired environmental outcomes, action plans, and metrics that can be applied to an unlimited number of vendor and partner relationships.

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