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MetaCX for Technology

Place value creation at the center of business relationships.

Sell on Value. Renew on Proof.

Conventional customer success platforms keep CSMs busy with plenty of tasks and workflows, but do they actually enable customer success? Not really. That’s because these tools do little to actually tie together sales and customer success as one “steel thread” process that connects:

Value Selling

Where sellers position outcomes that can be achieved for the customer.

Value Delivery

Where implementation and onboarding teams deliver on these promises.

Value Realization

Where CSMs measure and prove that outcomes were achieved.

Close More Deals with Collaborative Deal Management

Build trust in the sales process by collaborating with prospects around their desired business outcomes–all within a co-branded, shared space called a bridge. By providing visible proof of your commitment to your buyer’s business goals, you’ll earn trust, build mutual accountability, and move deals forward.

Share success plans, supporting assets, and relevant metrics directly within a bridge.

Create bridge templates to simplify and scale outcomes-based selling.

Know how often prospects view bridges and when they last engaged.

Communicate with prospects directly within bridges with rich commenting.

Coordinate Handoffs to Ensure Delivery Against Outcomes

Once a deal has closed, keep outcomes at the center of the relationship throughout the entire customer lifecycle. As a deal transitions toward closed-won, a CSM or onboarding specialist can be invited into a MetaCX bridge to transfer knowledge and coordinate an onboarding or implementation plan. Bridges then serve as a record where everything related to the deal is captured and relayed to relevant stakeholders.

Invite internal teammates to a bridge via email or by sharing a simple link.

Optimize internal resources by implementing a standard process for handoffs between teams.

Assign start and end dates to track how customers are progressing towards outcomes.

Gain real-time insight into when customers are veering off course so that you can take immediate action.

Retain and Expand Customers by Proving Your Impact

MetaCX’s robust data architecture allows you to track value realization and progress toward outcome achievement. Capture and organize customer activity across all systems and data sources to gain a complete, unified view of the customer experience. By doing so, you can prove you’ve delivered on the outcomes promised to lock in future growth.

Create a central repository of all customer data.

Build metrics using data sourced from multiple systems.

Tie all customer and product activity to the achievement of desired outcomes.

Share the insights you gain with your internal team and customers in real-time.

Technology Outcomes

Achieve Your Greatest Goals with the Help of MetaCX

Improve Win Rates

Co-create target outcomes with your prospects in a way that builds trust, transparency and confidence and helps improve win rates by 20% or more.

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Document a shared understanding of target outcomes with buyers and align around a mutual action plan as the structured path for getting a deal done.

Reduce Churn

Shine a light on outcome achievement and value realization to help customer success teams easily renew contracts. Improve gross retention rates by 30% of more.

Increase Expansion

Arm your customer success, install base sellers and account management teams with the proof they need to unlock the expansion motion. Lift net revenue retention rates by 20% or more.

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