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MetaCX for Technology

Place value creation at the center of business relationships.

Improve Win Rate

Struggling to gain access to the economic buyer? Losing deals to no-decision? Chances are, your sellers could do a much better job identifying and documenting high-value pains.

MetaCX is a powerful way to co-create target outcomes with your prospect in a way that builds trust, transparency and confidence and helps improve win rates by 20% or more.

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Deals stall when sellers fail to position value or misunderstand the decision making and buying process. Without a consistent way to document and confirm these things with a buyer, the timing of a deal is little more than a guess.

MetaCX helps sales teams document a shared understanding of target outcomes with buyers and align around a mutual action plan as the structured path for getting a deal done.

Increase ACV

Selling on outcomes can lift your average contract value by 30% or more because it allows you to establish a stronger and more compelling business case for your offering.

MetaCX helps sales teams co-create a clear and compelling business case with prospects in a way that demonstrates professionalism, engenders trust, and consistently commands and protects a higher price point.

Reduce Churn

Customers are increasingly vigilant about proving the value of every vendor contract. This means that, without a way to consistently measure and prove the positive impact your solution has on your customers’ business, renewals are perpetually at risk.

MetaCX shines light on outcome achievement and value realization to help customer success teams easily renew contracts. By sharing measurable proof of value with customers, you’re able to improve gross retention rates by 30% of more.

Increase Expansion

Many companies struggle to drive expansion revenue from existing accounts because of lingering questions about whether value has been realized from the initial investment.

MetaCX demonstrates proof of value, which arms your customer success, install base sellers and account management teams with the proof they need to unlock the expansion motion. This proof of value can help lift net revenue retention rates by 20% or more.

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