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Sell on Value. Renew on Proof.

The QBR is Dead. Enter the Continuous Business Review.

As the business world evolves, it only makes sense that the QBR is abandoned to make way for the continuous business review.

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Where QBRs Go Wrong

How many times have you been on the giving or receiving end of a completely unproductive quarterly business review? More often than not, QBRs tell customers very little about whether the supplier has delivered value, rarely lead to real action on either side of the supplier/customer relationship, and often focus on the past instead of the future.

The Four Components of the CBR

The continuous business review (CBR) is a strategy that involves suppliers staying in perpetual alignment with their customers—as a way to both understand their challenges and aspirations as well as ensure the delivery of value and achievement of outcomes. The four components that comprise the CBR include:

Alignment On Outcomes

Shared Action Plans

Real-Time Insight into Progress

Unbiased Performance Measurement

MetaCX Platform

About MetaCX

MetaCX provides a co-owned digital space for suppliers and buyers to come together to align on desired outcomes, create mutual action plans, and establish evaluation measures on an ongoing basis. To track progress and impact, multidirectional data is captured, conceptualized, and turned into a real-time, comprehensive view of performance toward value delivery.

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Experience is the Method, Outcomes are the Goal

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Strategic Account Management

MetaCX for Strategic Account Management

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The Ultimate Tech Stack for Deep Customer Collaboration

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With the help of MetaCX, you’re able to align with customers on expected outcomes and prove value delivery over time. Learn more by requesting a demo.