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Vendor Value Management

MetaCX for Vendor Management

Gain real-time visibility into the true value vendors are delivering.

Receive the Value Vendors Promise

Considering all the hours spent in evaluation, contract negotiations, and due diligence to onboard a new vendor, it’s in an organization’s best interest to understand whether or not the company is delivering on the value promised. Without a system in place to track value realization, however, buyer expectations are often forgotten. Loyalty becomes the unintended side-effect of ineffective vendor management rather than the result of partnership success. Enter MetaCX.

Vendor Bridge

1:1 Vendor Management

Using MetaCX, organizations are able to establish persistent connections with their vendors in bridges. A bridge is a co-owned, digital space where stakeholders on both sides of the vendor/customer relationship are able to come together to collectively define, manage, and measure desired business outcomes, advance action plans, share assets, monitor performance metrics, and more.

Vendor Metrics

Performance Tracking

To track vendor performance, MetaCX gives organizations the ability to define desired outcomes and build metrics to track outcome achievement. By capturing and conceptualizing data sourced from any digital endpoint, the platform automates and updates performance metrics in real time and provides insight into the true value delivered by vendors.

Multiple Vendors

Ecosystem Alignment

Furthering key initiatives often requires working collaboratively with multiple vendors and capitalizing on the value each vendor contributes to create value. MetaCX gives organizations the ability to collaborate with multiple vendors simultaneously and visualize the impact each vendor has on an initiative’s success.

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