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Managing Value in the
Performance Economy

MetaCX aligns suppliers and buyers on expected outcomes and measures value delivery over time.

The Next Generation of Enterprise Software

For decades, enterprise software has been built to serve a single enterprise—not to bring suppliers and buyers together to focus on the creation and delivery of value. Value is a thing. It can and should be defined, managed, and measured.

It’s time for the next generation of enterprise software. MetaCX is leading the way.

Prioritizing Value in Business Relationships

For the first time ever, manage all of your business relationships in one central location. Start collaborating with the organizations both upstream and downstream in your value chain to ensure the success of your most strategic initiatives.

Customer Value Delivery

Connect with your customers to put value at the center of the customer experience and continuously prove value delivery.

Vendor Value Realization

Connect with your vendors to create accountability and ensure you are receiving the value promised.

Team Value Creation

Connect with those in your functional area to track your team’s creation of value and impact on company initiatives.


The MetaCX Platform

Strategic Alignment

Connect with business partners through bridges—co-owned digital spaces where two or more organizations can come together to align on strategic initiatives. Create mutual accountability and focus on the desired outcomes, action plans, and evaluation measures necessary to unlock shared success.

Live Performance Measures

Track the success of an initiative by capturing data not only from your organization, but from those you partner with. Through the instrumentation of any application, system, or digital endpoint, turn numerous data points into dynamic metrics that monitor outcome achievement and prove value delivery.

Data Neutrality

Eliminate sensitivity to data access and control by sharing and analyzing performance data with your partners in a neutral location. Freely share information with one another on a platform with strong cybersecurity and privacy controls.

Embedded Value Plans

Embed the MetaCX interface directly into any SaaS application, website, or digital experience, eliminating the need to navigate outside the set of tools already in use. By placing the desired outcomes of a partnership front and center, you’ll never lose focus and alignment.

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