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Align stakeholders and measure value for your most strategic initiatives.


Tackling the world’s largest problems and biggest opportunities.

For-profit and nonprofit organizations alike are attempting to tackle increasingly complex strategic initiatives—initiatives related to sustainability, social impact, industry innovation, and more. The challenge is that the bigger the initiative, the more stakeholders are involved and the harder it is to manage and measure. Most organizations do not have a way to align and collaborate with multiple internal and external stakeholders simultaneously nor do they have line of sight into initiative progress and performance. That's where MetaCX can help.

Introducing Multi-Stakeholder Software

MetaCX is a multi-stakeholder platform that enables organizations to build value networks that align internal and external stakeholders on shared initiatives and measure progress toward desired outcomes.

How Does it Work?

Within a value network, organizations have the ability to self organize around an initiative or multiple initiatives by connecting with other departments in whatever configuration is required to ensure alignment. Once internal alignment is achieved, external stakeholders can be invited into the value network to contribute additional value and capabilities.

How Do Companies Connect?

How Do Companies Connect?

Within MetaCX, organizations connect through bridges—persistent, digital spaces where any number of stakeholders are able to collectively define, manage, and measure every aspect of an initiative including its desired outcomes, corresponding action plans, and performance metrics.

Who Do Companies Connect With?

What Do Value Networks Look Like?

MetaCX creates an aggregate view of the various connections an organization has within the platform via an interactive ecosystem map. This map amplifies the efforts of users by making connections visible and by providing a way for organizations to navigate the ecosystem, engage with specific initiatives, and achieve desired outcomes.

How is Progress Monitored and Measured?

How is Progress Measured?

MetaCX creates a private, secure space for each organization to instrument any application, system, or digital endpoint. The platform transforms this data into a real-time, comprehensive view of initiative progress including how organizations are tracking toward the achievement of expected outcomes.

Who Uses MetaCX?

Who Uses MetaCX

MetaCX is used equally by executives, initiative owners, and action owners. Using MetaCX, executives gain a comprehensive view of performance with visibility into progress made on all commercial and social initiatives, initiative owners gain the ability to enact data-driven change that ensures their success at both a departmental and company level, and action owners gain a framework that clearly guides day-to-day operations.

How Do Organizations Get Started?

How Do Organizations Get Started?

MetaCX is open to all organizations—large enterprises, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and the like. If you’re interested in managing your commercial and social initiatives with MetaCX, we can help you get started! It’s most common for organizations to start building value networks in groups or cohorts that are aligned on shared initiatives.

How are Companies Using MetaCX?

MetaCX can be used to manage and measure both commercial initiatives and social initiatives. Although different in scope, both initiative categories require multi-stakeholder alignment and value measurement.

Commercial Initiatives

A commercial initiative may entail reinventing the end-to-end customer experience, expanding to new territories, outsourcing service offerings, or launching a new product line.

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Social Initiatives

A social initiative may involve reaching carbon neutrality, establishing diverse hiring practices, becoming a top workplace for women, or launching employee wellness programs.

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Customer & Partner Recognition

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Measuring Value with MetaCX

Measuring Value with MetaCX

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