Introducing MetaCX

We are building a digital success layer that brings suppliers and buyers of SaaS together for better collaboration and outcome management, offering real-time visibility into customer success.

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Early Funding
We’ve secured $14M in early funding to unlock the potential of customer success.
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We’ve been here from the beginning.

We started our first SaaS company in 1999—before it was even called SaaS. Our founding team includes world-class engineers, designers and architects who have been building billion-dollar SaaS products for two decades.

We understand what’s broken.

We understand that enterprises often struggle to achieve the business outcomes they expect from SaaS, and the renewal process for SaaS suppliers is often an ambiguous guessing game. Digital transformation is happening, but not fast enough. Companies urgently want more progress and a clear way to measure value.

We know how to fix it.

We started MetaCX with the explicit goal of non-incremental innovation. We’re redesigning customer success by creating a success layer for suppliers and buyers of SaaS products to transparently focus on the outcomes that are the foundation of their relationship.

MetaCX is launching out of High Alpha, an Indianapolis-based venture studio that unites company building and venture capital to build next-generation enterprise cloud companies.

  • Scott McCorkle

    Scott McCorkle

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

  • Dave Duke

    Dave Duke

    Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

  • Jake Miller

    Jake Miller

    Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

  • Molly Matchett

    Molly Matchett

    Vice President of Operations