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The Business Value Network

Join MetaCX’s Business Value Network—the business world’s path into the metaverse—and start managing the expected value from your business relationships in a persistent, neutral digital space.

Value is a thing!

Businesses exist to deliver and exchange value, but until now, companies haven’t had a means to establish, measure, and assess value in a way that scales across entire business ecosystems. It’s time for the next generation of enterprise software. MetaCX is leading the way with the Business Value Network.

Introducing the Business Value Network

The Business Value Network enables businesses to establish persistent digital connections with other organizations in their value chain—customers, vendors, and stakeholders—to align on shared initiatives and track value delivery. Within the neutral network, companies are able to establish the expectation of value through desired outcomes and measure the realization of value through signals, metrics, and milestones.

The Business World’s Path Into the Metaverse

The Business Value Network is built around a new computing paradigm broadly labeled as the metaverse. For the business world, the metaverse promises a future where collaboration is possible with any collection of companies through persistent digital spaces.

The Business Value Network in Action

The most important business advancements are often created in moments of strategic innovation where many companies need to align toward the achievement of an initiative. Each business relationship is a building block in the network, but one to one relationships are just the start. Through MetaCX’s full ecosystem support structure, you can bring as many organizations together as needed to define, manage, and measure value.

Value-Based Performance Monitoring

To track the impact of an initiative or business relationship, multidirectional data is captured in MetaCX, conceptualized, and turned into a real-time, comprehensive view of performance toward the achievement of outcomes and delivery of value.

Network Use Cases & Applications

The Business Value Network is a digital twin of the physical world. By joining, organizations are able to establish a single digital identity and collaborate with their entire ecosystem of business partners, all in one place. Such transformative technology has unending use cases and applications.

Collaborate with partnering organizations on the success of your most strategic initiatives.

Ensure your vendors are delivering on the value promised by prioritizing your team's desired outcomes.

Put value at the center of the customer experience and continuously prove impact and performance.

Align on the collective achievement of environmental, social, and community objectives.

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