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NEWS: MetaCX launches embedded success plans to transform SaaS apps for the performance economy. Learn more here.


Measurable Outcomes. Shared Success.

MetaCX is transforming how suppliers and buyers collaborate and win together with shared success plans backed by live performance data.

Shared Success Plans

Share a secure digital space where you and your customers can come together to define goals and target outcomes for the relationship. This becomes a shared success plan that keeps both parties accountable and focused on the goals, milestones, metrics and action plans necessary to unlock the full potential of the relationship.

Proof of Performance

Leverage a real-time data integration layer to instrument any application, system or digital endpoint and surface these insights, not just as data, but as the indicators of health and progress of the customer relationship and proof of performance against target outcomes.

Full Lifecycle Alignment

Create a tight linkage between the outcomes you promise in the sales cycle, the ones you achieve through implementation and usage, and the outcomes you can prove at renewal time. Transform the customer lifecycle from disconnected silos to one “steel thread” digital experience.

Vendor Outcome Management

For the first time ever, use a single platform to manage all of your vendor relationships and ensure ROI. Visualize your own data related to the use, adoption, and effectiveness of vendor products and services to ensure you’re receiving the value promised.


"Ensuring that our customers are achieving outcomes is how we execute on retention being the new acquisition. MetaCX is helping operationalize our “Path to Value” strategy to achieve our vision for making the customer experience truly collaborative across the entire lifecycle."


Kevin Vanes

VP of Client Strategy, Terminus



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