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Revenues Revolutionaries
A Podcast Series
Hosted by Dave Duke, Co-Founder/CCO, MetaCX


The Revenue Revolutionaries podcast is a quest to learn from today's best revenue and customer leaders.

Hear Chief Revenue Officers (CROs), Chief Customer Officers (CCOs), Chief Operating Officers (COOs), and other big thinkers share their career stories, words of wisdom, and lessons learned in this podcast to understand what it takes to successfully lead organizations and customers across the revenue lifecycle. Hosted by Dave Duke, Co-Founder/CCO, MetaCX.

Featured Guests

Kevin Siminski
CCO, Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Jennifer Dearman
Former CCO, Pendo
Ziv Peled
CCO, AppsFlyer

Recent Episodes

Brian Hall and Lauren Decker
President/Founder and Senior Consultant, Carema Consulting

Brian Hall and Lauren Decker of Carema Consulting unpack the important strategic questions surrounding the relationship between product marketing and customer success.

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Steve Sanchez
VP, Customer Success, Gong

What does customer success look like at a hyper-growth company like Gong? In this episode, Steve Sanchez, VP, Customer Success, gives a peek into what has fueled the Gong business to greatness. He shares how creating raving fans is the #1 operating principle for the company alongside his charter to build customer loyalty through value delivery.

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Irvine Sloan
VP, Strategic Account Management, Duke Energy Corporation

'Superpowers' have been a key ingredient to building Duke Energy’s strategic account management team and strategy. In this episode of the podcast, hear Irvine Sloan, VP of Strategic Account Management at Duke Energy, share how he thinks about building his team through a curated collection of skill sets to ensure they are in the best position to serve and deliver value to customers.

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Mary-Beth Donovan
VP, Global Customer Success Operations, VMware

Dave sits down with Mary-Beth Donovan to discuss how she uses a core set of pillars and frameworks to make sure her team, and VMware as a whole, has the right tools and knowledge to deliver value to customers.

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Richard Owen
Founder, OCX Cognition & Co-Creator of NPS

Dave sits down with NPS co-creator, Richard Owen, to reflect on the evolution of NPS, the role it has served in shaping customer experience strategy, and the ways it can be used as a catalyst for CX innovation in the future.

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Seth Shaw
CRO, Airtable

Seth joins the podcast to talk about what it takes to put an organization in a better position for delivering value to customers when starting out as a product-led organization and culture.

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Natalie Fedie
VP of Customer Value, HighRadius

Natalie sits down with Dave to offer her perspective on shifting from reactive to proactive strategies and why the creation of a value realization team is the next step in the customer success evolution.

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Ed Powers
Principal Consultant, Service Excellence Partners

Ed Powers of Service Excellence Partners unpacks the role expectation setting plays in developing strong and successful customer relationships.

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Matt Myszkowski
VP of Customer Experience, EMEIA, Cision

Listen to Matt talk about the evolution business has gone through to create the outcomes economy and how shifting from defense to offense is necessary to effectively deliver value to customers in order to mitigate churn and cultivate growth.

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Harvey Dunham
Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, SAMA

Dave visits with Harvey to discuss the idea of creating a central ‘dashboard’ to collaborate and work collectively with customers to manage work, track progress and deliver value.

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Jake Saper
General Partner, Emergence Capital

In this episode, hear Jake Saper, General Partner at Emergence Capital define deep collaboration and explain why it is the next logical progression for enterprise software.

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David Chapnick
Partner, Vantage Partners

In this episode, Dave Chapnick of Vantage Partners shares his perspective on the importance of structured collaboration and the role it plays in innovation and driving positive change in the buyer/supplier relationship.

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Kate Vitasek
Author, Educator and Architect of the Vested Business Model

Dave sits down with University of Tennessee faculty member and creator of the Vested business model, Kate Vitasek, to discuss vested outsourcing and how it is revolutionizing the world of outsourcing with an outcome-based mindset.

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Monique LaRue and Ja’Rod Morris
Founder & Founding Member

Shared success takes on new meaning this week as Dave sits down with Monique LaRue and Ja’Rod Morris to discuss the launch of their new group, National Black Customer Success Professionals (NBCSP).

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Ross Fulton
Founder & CEO, Valuize

In this episode of the new RevRev Shared Success Series, Dave sits down with Ross to discuss the critical topic of success planning. Ross helps us understand what success planning is, why it’s important, and what the future of success planning will look like.

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Karen Mangia
VP of Customer & Market Insights, Salesforce

Karen Mangia is a global customer experience and voice of customer leader, a 3x best selling author, and a TEDx speaker.  In this episode, listen to Karen to discuss her new book Listen Up! How to Tune In To Customers, And Turn Down the Noise.

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Dave Jackson
CEO, TheCustomer.CO

Tune in to hear Dave share his thoughts on what it really means to deliver value to customers, why thinking in silos is detrimental to every organization, and why we must build out organizations with an outside-in mindset.

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Jo Mills
Co-Founder & CXO, Fuel50

In this episode of RevRev, Dave and Jo discuss Jo’s role in establishing an outcome-based mindset and strategy for Fuel50, the power of transparency in a remote-work world, and the importance of operating in an empathetic way to serve employees and customers.

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Helen Calvin
CRO, Jellyvision

As the CRO at Jellyvision, Helen’s love for interviewing and hiring has shaped her employee development strategies and influenced the way she empowers her customer and revenue teams to pursue greatness. Tune in to hear Helen offer up some great advice in this episode.

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Mathew Sweezey
Director of Market Strategy, Salesforce

Tune into the first episode of the new RevRev Big Thinkers series and hear Salesforce, Director of Market Strategy, Mathew Sweezey and Dave discuss new research that sheds light on how the c-suite is starting to think about the relationship between customer experience and outcome-based customer management.

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Rob Massa
CRO, Forecast

Listen to Rob discuss how to reduce churn through leading indicator metrics via Sales, CS, and Marketing alignment, the power of strongly communicating the relationship between vision and tactics to employees, and the importance of over-indexing on hiring, onboarding, and training processes.

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George Bilbrey
CEO, Signpost

Hear George share how a leap into entrepreneurship set the tone for his career path, why aligning the company to the customer journey is critical to managing a business, and the importance of understanding why customers need to achieve their outcomes.

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Jamie Ahern
COO, Kin Insurance

Hear how Jamie Ahern, hedge fund trader turned SaaS tech leader turned next-generation insurance company COO, has taken an unlikely path to becoming one of Chicago’s rising executives through a passion for math and data science, simplifying the customer experience, and removing himself from mission-critical work for the betterment of the business.

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Mike Weir

Hear Mike discuss why understanding your organization’s purpose is so important, the power of seeking to understand the career goals of your team members, and how taking leaps of faith can help you advance your career.

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Jim Thoeni
CRO, Zeotap

Listen to Jim share his thoughts on the importance of being open to learning from anyone at anytime, the role of the CRO to unify and create ‘growth energy’ within a company, and the importance of creating a ‘north star’ for your team.

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Helen Baptist
COO, Pathfactory

Hear Helen discuss a wide range of topics including the importance of creating a workplace environment for authentic relationships, lifting up others who don’t look like you and embracing value-based selling to create the right customer relationships.

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Joe Kuntz
CRO, Jobvite

Hear Joe discuss how he thinks about coaching team members and customers, what it takes to sustain a great culture over time, and the power of embracing servant leadership.

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Michelle Curless
CCO, Cheetah Digital

Listen to Michelle talk about how she thinks about the "art and science" of customer management and the keys to building strong customer relationships in order to achieve retention and growth goals.

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Tim Satterwhite
CRO, Terminus

Listen to Tim talk about his first time experience as a CRO and how he embraces human-first leadership strategies to build his teams and future leaders.

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Ziv Peled
CCO, AppsFlyer

Hear Ziv share his thoughts on driving conversations internally with an engineering team to create a customer-centric culture and how to think about value delivery across a product suite.

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Kevin Siminski
CCO, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Hear Kevin share his perspective on the power of a beginner’s mindset, building proactive customer programs, and the leverage he’s gained by embracing teaching.

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Jennifer Dearman
Former CCO, Pendo

Hear Jennifer discuss the importance of creating a world-class customer experience and the three things that are necessary to build a successful customer success organization.

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A Message from the Host

I am on a quest to learn from today’s best revenue and customer leaders and I invite you to join me for the journey. On Revenue Revolutionaries you will hear Chief Revenue, Chief Customer, Chief Operating Officers, and other big thinkers share what it takes to build world-class revenue and customer teams. Let’s go!

Dave Duke

Co-Founder & CCO, MetaCX

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