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The Value Builders podcast aims to uncover the evolving role of value creation in business relationships. Learn from today’s most innovative executives and critical thinkers who are revitalizing their businesses with cutting edge leadership techniques, outcome-based strategies, and corporate and social initiatives all in the name of value building. Hosted by Dave Duke, Co-Founder and CCO at MetaCX.


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Value creation is the name of the game in business so let’s talk about it. I often think about the ways we can all reach our personal and professional potential and serve those that we work with every day. This podcast is a quest to discuss the evolving role of value creation and delivery in business relationships and I invite you to join me for the discussion. Let’s go!

Dave Duke

Co-Founder & CCO, MetaCX

Produced by MetaCX

MetaCX has created the first ever Business Value Network where companies go to manage their business relationships. Join the network to connect with customers, vendors, partners, and teams to align on expected value and track value realization over time.

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